The whole premise of this blog started shortly after I got a bug up my ass to buy a wok and learn how to cook with it. The wok is a kitchen tool that has simply eluded me during my various forays into cooking over the years. It is an intimidating instrument to the uninitiated. There’s the intense heat. The rapidity of the cooking. The precise timing. Not to mention the mystique of an ancient culture which seems to be looking over your shoulder.

So, having mastered (ha!) all the other tools in my kitchen, I decided it was time to learn something new. As I did some research online, I discovered The Wok Shop in San Francisco’s famous Chinatown and, through their website, the Wok Wednesdays cooking group. This group’s goal is to cook their way through Grace Young’s Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge, an award-winning book containing recipes, instruction, and snippets on the history of stir-fry.

The idea inspired me to do the same, but rather than doing a recipe every other week, I will be making an average of two recipes per week. The ultimate goal being to cook through the book within the year. I’ll be following the recipe schedule that Wok Wednesdays has been using until such time as I catch them. Then I’m on my own.

Out of courtesy to Grace Young, you won’t find full recipes here. Nor will you find perfection. What you will find is an honest account of my experiences with my wok:  successes, failures, warts and all.

Now, with wok in hand and a copy of Grace Young’s stir-fry classic (a gift from my awesome sister!), it’s time to get started. I hope you’ll enjoy reading as I endeavor to make 2014 The Year of the Wok!

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